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A way to ship Ncert books for USA candidates

Everybody knows Indians are using ncert books for their study and doing well in educational industries, but the thing is that our people completely doesn’t know about it yet.We have been talked with few Indian citizen who lives here.And we started a conversation with Indian government also to get us these awesome books.

Ncert books

When we will able to get these books

Its quite simple to get these books by downloading online but most of these books in the national language of India called Hindi.So instead of working to get these books shipped here, we need to take few simple steps to for this problem solution.First all if we try to contact and ask them to an Indian government to allows us permission for ncert books.Its a tough task its not an easy to contact with any government so we need to reach to our government first and have to show the importance of these books its going to take the bit longer though this way.Once our government ready they are going to contact to Indian education department then they might give us permission to ship and they might need money to ship them up.

where to get ncert books

its too simple then above steps i told you about.You need to download these ncert books online and then contact some Hindi translator to complete our task.