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5 Guidelines for Searching a Criminal Lawyer

If you think you’d get the perfect criminal lawyer at the first go, that’s your luck. There’s always a fair bit of ambiguity involved in the process of choosing the lawyer. You have to be very careful with your steps, because you might be dealing with a serious case which may determine your fate and future.

Yes, that’s quite true. People with any kind of criminal record have to face a lot of trouble throughout their life. They have problems getting jobs. They may be required to report to the court or the police station on periodic basis, even after they’re done with their punishment. In some countries, life can be quite tough for such people. They’re like a taboo in the society, but they couldn’t do anything about it.

This is the very reason why criminal lawyer should be chosen tactfully. There are quite a few factors to consider, such as:

  • Criminal lawyer’s fees
  • Duration of the case
  • Area of expertise
  • Experience
  • Advertising vs ground reality
  • Success record, and more!

The base of hiring the right lawyer is the searching phase, and when you did this step accurately, chances are you’ll get the desired professional. Well, if you live in Mississauga, you can skip all the steps and go straight to passipatel criminal lawyer. Passi& Patel is a firm of experienced criminal lawyers Mississauga who are experts of different fields. The firm has a reputation and an impressive track record.

In this post, you will know how to easily locate the professional criminal lawyer for your case.

Guidelines for SearchingA Criminal Lawyer

  1. Start with Online Search: Perform an online search for a qualified Mississauga criminal defense lawyer who is practicing in the location where you are facing criminal charges. Narrow your search by focusing those legal practitioners specializing in criminal cases.
  2. Screening Phase: Pick out the top three or four law firms for your choice of criminal defense lawyer. Screen the lawyer’s credentials and track record. Verify his court experience in the court case that you are facing.
  3. Read What they Offer: Visit the websites of the large and most renowned criminal defense associations and check the criminal defense lawyer’s name. You should limit the search for your attorney to those who are affiliated of highly regarded lawyer’s associations.
  4. Use Different Sources for Verification: Check on the veracity of the claimed area of expertise of the criminal defense lawyer. You can also check the State journal site and local TV stations.
  5. Make a Call: Lastly, visit or call the law firm to verify if they provide free initial consultation so that you can explore the possibilities for their firm representing you in your court case.


The job is not finished until you hired the right professional. But if you follow all the above mentioned tips, your search will leave you with two to three choices. That means, you will consume less time in other stages. Selection and hiring process will be a lot easier for you.


Law can be complicated, since there are thousands of terms in it. Moreover, law doesn’t remain the same in every country. Anyhow, if you broke the rules because you didn’t know them, it’s not an excuse at all.

While you cannot learn each and every thing in just a single post, we have some basic information about the legal proceedings that will be quite useful for you in future. If you’ve been facing criminal charges, make sure you hire the right criminal defense lawyer Toronto. And if you’re standing at the edge of the wreck, contactHershberg Law and give yourself a new hope.


  1. Information: After the crime was committed, the person alleging the offence swears under oath all the facts in support of the charge. A Justice of the Peace at that point shall issue an Information. This is a document which contains the specific allegations. Under a private prosecution a hearing may be held and the Attorney General may intervene.
  2. Bail:Most of the time, the accused are released at the time of arrest, given that they promise to appear. Where the police decide to hold the accused, the police must produce the accused before a Justice of the Peace within 24 hours. At that point a bail hearing will be held. If the person is accused of murder, narcotics trafficking, terrorism, his bail may be rejected and he may be held until trial and sentencing.
  3. Preliminary inquiry: If the person is accused of indictable offense, it is the responsibility of the crown to provide sufficient evidences before the judge at the provincial court. This process may either be requested by the defence lawyer Toronto or the prosecution. The presiding judge must determine whether there is sufficient evidence for a jury to convict the accused.

If the judge determines there is sufficient evidence for a jury acting reasonably and judicially to convict the accused, the judge must commit the accused to stand trial. If not, the judge must discharge the accused and the proceedings end.

  1. Trial:Where the accused is charged with an offence and has elected to be tried in provincial court, the judge may decide that the matter ought to be dealt with in the superior court and treat the trial as a preliminary inquiry and demand the accused to stand trial in the superior court.

At this stage the trial court has all the authority to determine matters such as bail, preliminary motions, trial matters and the verdict. If the trial is by judge and jury, the jury has the ultimate authority to render a verdict but the trial judge has the authority over bail, pretrial motions and jury instructions.

  1. Sentencing: If the accused is found guilty the trial judge must determine a fit sentence.Where the trial is by judge alone, the judge will determine all facts which were proven and allow the parties to adduce additional evidence concerning disputed facts which may form the basis for finding aggraviting or mitigating circumstance.
  2. Appeal:The Crown may appeal against a verdict of acquittal on a question of law alone. The accused may appeal on a question of law, fact or mixed law and fact. Either party may appeal a sentence unless the sentence is one fixed by law.


There are lawyers and there are professionals, finding the professional criminal lawyers in Toronto is a Herculean task and most will get confused about a lot of things. Fortunately, there are some errors expressed by inexperienced lawyers which can help to set them aside.

No specialization

Criminal cases are at the top of the list, when it comes to legal services and handling such high profile cases needs experts with specialization. If the lawyer is not specialized in the field, the individual can avoid him. There are specialized professional lawyers found in Brian Ross Law Firm Toronto, who can deal with any kind of complicated criminal case.


Avoid a lawyer if he or she doesn’t have the capability to deal with a specific type of crime. For example, some are flawless with assault cases but they cannot perform well when it comes to murder or manslaughter. Therefore, having specificity over the individual case is important.


Although, experience doesn’t always equals success it does tend to have that good effect on the case. So, lawyers with no skill and experience can be eliminated from the list because they cannot handle such high pressure cases.


There are criminal lawyers in Toronto who promise the outcome of the case before going to the trial. This is a very bad habit as it is impossible to determine the results without completely understanding and analyzing the charges. If the individual believes that there is a certain outcome and finds out it has altered drastically, then one cannot complain about it anywhere.

No Trial

If an individual wants to have a truce with the victim, then it requires professional Toronto criminal lawyers who are experts in tackling the agreements and doing the mediation job. The lawyer will try to persuade the victim or the one who pressed charges to understand about the suspect and try to help in the best way possible. This cannot be done by an amateur lawyer.


Never hire a lawyer who will transfer the case to his associates. It is great if the lawyer takes the help of the associates to investigate deeper, but dealing with the entire case is not justifiable. Professionals never do that and they will take part in every step of the investigation and remember everything that can be used for the benefit of the client.


Some Toronto criminal lawyers respond in a passive manner, which creates a sort of disinterest in the individual. Therefore, after meeting with several lawyers hire the one who provides maximum comfort and tries to listen to the case with every detail.


Famous lawyers have so many cases filed up, that they cannot provide enough time for individual case. If the criminal charge requires a lot of ground work and time of the lawyer, then it is better to look for a professional who at the present has few cases.

Support staff

Some lawyers will have very few support staff and they will deal with everything on their own. This could lead to loss of evidence or an important point in the case. So, having a good number of eligible support staff is another thing an individual should look at.


Toronto criminal lawyers do tend to charge their clients on the upper margins. Unfortunately, there are those who don’t deserve that much of fee as they are incapable of pulling out desired results. Therefore, select the firm or attorney who has a great winning percentage and can deliver the result with maximum effort and hire that individual.

All the aspects have positive and negative sides, as a coin has two faces. However, it depends on the individual to find the lawyer who has the maximum number of ticks in the 10 factors given here.

Horror Story Shows Need for Lawyer Even When Innocent

Many people believe they will never have a bad encounter with law enforcement because they are law-abiding citizens, but this story about two truck drivers shows that mistakes can happen and illustrates how important seeking legal assistance is even when innocent.

False Positive

A husband and wife that had driven commercial trucks together since 2009 found themselves in trouble after a routine inspection in May 2016. The police found a white powdery substance in their truck, but the woman claimed it was baking soda as she uses it for multiple purposes and puts it in plastic bags so that they don’t have to bring the box onto the truck. If this sounds suspicious, it isn’t in this case. The bags were only full of baking soda, and the man was even a former police officer. However, three tests using a $2 Narcotics Identification Kit were positive for a controlled substance.

Harsh Consequences for Innocent Couple

The authorities thought they found 13.22 ounces of cocaine, which would amount to around $3,000 when sold. The couple were held in jail, and it took two months for a lab test to confirm their story. They didn’t get their truck back for a few more months and say it was damaged. The couple are still working to repair their reputation and gain back a security clearance to work jobs for the military.

Take action in legal matters

The couple in this story were not able to promptly obtain an attorney but could have been released sooner with one. If you run into legal trouble, consider consulting a criminal lawyer as soon as possible. This allows you to formulate a plan for combating charges or deal with inquiries from the authorities.

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