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Is Organic Food Just One of Many Healthy Food Trends?

Organic foods are one of a number of healthy food trends that is developing into a longer term commitment to healthier farming practices, and healthier food. It is not only that organic food is healthier to eat; it is also healthier for the environment. Other food trends include SOLE (sustainable, organic, local, environmental) and 100 mile (buying from local growers) foods.

Do you know where your food comes from? Are the asparagus you buy in November coming from a local farmer, or are they being flown in from around the world? What does it cost in energy and environmental impact to get the food from the farm to your table? Do you know the environmental impact of eating red meat? It takes 16 pounds of grain to produce one pound of beef.

Large scale food production – often accomplished through genetically engineered foods – is supported by manufacturers because they can earn more money from more production; and is supported by governments who want to ensure that their citizens have access to food (the premise is that unhealthy food is better than no food). There are more than 6 billion humans in the world, many of whom do not have enough food to eat. But what is the cost to the planet of producing on a mass scale?

Genetic modification, chemicals, pesticides, and intensive farming are just some of the techniques used to increase food production. And those techniques have negative impacts on the environment: from changing the genetic make-up of food, to contamination of land and water, to overworking land. Those food production techniques also result in food with less nutritional value.

Organic food advantages include healthier nutrients in the food and better treatment of the land, water and air. However organic food critics are concerned that the higher cost of producing organic fruits, vegetables, grains and meats results in a limited ability to produce on a mass scale.

Is organic food production sustainable?

Some say that only production of genetically modified foods can supply the demand of our growing global population. Organic food has been getting more attention in the media, in stores, in markets and in homes because more and more people are starting to recognize the importance of lessening our impact on the planet.

One way of doing so is to eat locally grown organic food. We have all begun to experience the effect of a warming climate; weather patterns are changing and intensifying. It is time to take action. After growth and harvesting, the average environmental footprint of non-organic food is 11 per cent for transportation, 46 per cent for production and processing, and 25 per cent for food preparation (storing in fridge, washing, cutting, preparing, and cooking).

The goal is to reduce the transportation, production, processing and even food preparation outputs: if food is grown locally and purchased locally transportation will be reduced; organic foods use less processing and because preservatives are not used, organic products are purchased on an as-used basis (no long shelf life for fresh organic vegetables, fruits, meats and grains).

Eating foods that are grown locally is better for the planet: a reduction of food miles – the distance that food travels from farm to warehouse to store to your fridge and then the dinner table – will help to reduce the carbon footprint of our consumption. (Note: the carbon footprint is a measurement of the impact our activities have on the environment; in this specific instance, it is a measure of the fossil fuels used to grow, harvest, store, ship, and sell food.) Support local organic farmers and make organic more than just one of many healthy food trends; make it a long lasting food decision.

Clay Bakers – Ancient Crock Pots

Civilizations from long past have used clay bakers and clay stoneware top cook and prepare food for peasants and royalty alike. The clay has a natural ability to lock in the natural juices and literally steam the meal; no oils and no extra fat. As the clay is a porous material it will soak in the juices of the food and release them throughout the cooking process so you will not have to open and baste, although you can if you so desire. Traditionally the pots were filled with the meal and placed directly in the fire or stone oven for cooking.

Today they are used in any type of oven, or if you choose, they can be placed directly on the fire or in a grill for a more traditional method. Any method you decide upon will produce fantastic meals that are lower in fat than if it was prepared without a clay baker. It should be noted that clay bakers are also referred to as clay pots and hot pots depending upon your location in the world. The use of clay pots simplifies the cooking process as well. Think of it as an all in one cooking method similar to a roast. The entire meal may be prepared in a single piece of cookware.

The clay releases heat very slowly which provides even heating much like a convection oven; the clay bakers also circulate heat due to the innate nature of stone cookware. With the return to healthy eating in society, clay bakers have seen a rise in their sales and production. There are a few downsides to clay bakers. Once hot they are very sensitive to temperature; applying a cold cloth or placing the hot clay baker on a cold counter could cause cracking. A clay baker should always be placed in a cold oven to avoid the extreme heat change in a pre-heated oven. While they are simple and easy to clean, no harsh cleansers or metal scrubbing pads should be used. Only nylon pads and mildly warm water and soap should be used after the clay baker has cooled down.

Daniel Kraus has worked in the food service industry for over 15 years as a manager, bartender and server captain in four and five star restaurants from St. Louis to Nashville.

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Healthy Eating For Improved Memory

Your body is not the only thing that requires proper nutrients to perform well. When you do not eat right, your brain is not going to respond correctly, very much like your body. People are more likely to choose a healthy diet for their pet or choose the best additives for their car than they will for themselves.

The brain depends on the same nutrients the rest of your body does and if you are subsisting on an unhealthy diet, your body and brain will both slow down. This is generally a slow process; in fact, many do not notice the change until they are elderly and then the blame goes to your age.

Memory fades as the brain ages and loses the ability to help itself. Oxidation and inflammation, which kill the brain cells, are more able to attack. When you want a productive and healthy life, you must tune your mind and body so they are both running at peak functionality.

To start you need to get plenty of rest, approximately seven hours per night as well as monitor your blood pressure and get a moderate amount of exercise. Of course, if you smoke stop! Implement a diet that is rich in body and mind enhancing nutrients. You can take supplements, however the best option is to get your vitamins and minerals from natural foods. The results are better and last longer.

Plants can teach us a valuable lesson; they produce antioxidants in order to protect themselves from pollution, disease and harmful toxins in the environment. Foods you ingest should include the same, things rich in antioxidants such as apples, plums, grapes, oranges. Cranberries and blueberries are particularly high in antioxidants, they are great for memory.

If you want vegetables high in antioxidants, you should choose leafy green foods such as broccoli, spinach, brussel sprouts and kale. You will also find red bell peppers, beets, garlic and onions a great choice. Others that are good but not quite as high as these are turnip greens, chard and collard greens.

The body also needs Omega 3 fatty acids, which you find in tuna, herring, salmon, sardines and mackerel. Vitamin B is another important supplement, which is found in seafood, dairy products, spinach, carrots, eggs, seeds and nuts.

There are spices, which are great at protecting your memory and keeping you healthy. They will help improve your motor skills and strengthen your brains communication and regeneration skills. Prevent memory loss with cur cumin, which is found in curry and ginger. If you need to calm the nerves and improve circulation while improving, your memory rosemary is an excellent choice, dry or fresh.

If you love coffee, recent studies will have you jumping for joy. In moderation, caffeinated coffee stimulates brainwave activity and protects you from memory loss. These results were more pronounced in women than in men however. Therefore, you see, when you maintain your mind and body with a healthy balanced diet you can excel today and protect your body for tomorrow.

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Street Food – What Is It Simple Guide

In fact, with several sellers, it is not dirty, although tons of people might believe that street food is not clean. Street food is frequent as great as restaurant food. It is street food that is renowned all around the nation.

You are capable of finding a comprehensive assortment of street food that is a special thing about India that I have hardly found anywhere else on earth when traveling through the state. Street food supplies some offer unbelievably decent taste and an astonishingly inexpensive cost. Thane street food is not same from Mumbai.

In Vietnam, you do not need to locate food; you are found by food. It is among the Indian food things that are normal. On the other hand, there’s consistently Chinese food, served with the standard chopsticks. When many folks consider Mexican food, the ordinary Tex-Mex found and around the world first springs to mind. If you choose to attempt to optimal /optimally Mexican food there’s, the optimal / guidance that is optimally is to see a present market or eat street food.

” Indian food has been eaten with the correct hand. Friendly people additionally although you will not merely experience great food. So now you know the greatest spot to head to acquire solid; substantial food at fair costs. Making Thai food is not overly complex. It is all about putting the correct ingredients together.

Step one would be to settle which foods you are not bad at, enjoy making, and want to share with the world. You happen to be going to know that there’s no meat hiding within it if you create your food. It is not only comfort food that is affordable. It is tasteful dining and comfort food in 1 bowl.

Food has been a significant part of our culture and custom. There’s certainly food for working class people, and the food is available in a varied selection of locations. Since it is regarded as the essential ingredient in any recipe Indian food is produced with love. The vegetarian Indian Food has a broad set of options when it sees flavor.

It is possible to relax in the lounge area that is designed to amuse these types of guests when you stop by the restaurant using your group of friends. It is small restaurants as well as food carts, but none could supply a very affordable and healthy alternate to resorts and expensive restaurants. You can find loads of Chinese restaurant found in the Orchard road.

The city has a completely free shopping bag ban, meaning that you just I will have to pay a modest sum for each plastic bag which you use. Also, you will find many travel ideas to stay at heart while traveling through Bangkok as well although there’s absolutely no insufficiency of things to see and do in the town. See Manila you will locate the city packed with street food choices, and whenever you would like to round the year.